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the driver being chased opened fire on officers and you can see the result behind us. traffic extremely slow. no one we understand was hit by gunfire but the source says the shooter tossed his gun into the bay after the shooting. this all started around 1:30 this morning. the car crashed and that's when shots were fired. the driver was injured and taken into custody. now, san francisco police out here we're told they are assisting in this investigation. the crime scene technicians have been called in. and we understand it could be 10:30 until all the lanes are reopened here because of this crime scene investigation. send it over to sal and he can give us alternate routes. >> reporter: i can tell you traffic now on city streets is slow. it's also slow on the skyway. >> want to go to a picture now on the scene 1st near harrison street. maybe some people don't know about this. i don't know why anyone would voluntarily drive into this traffic but it's very slow. if you have to go, you might want to use the san mateo bridge instead. we've checked out the driver and using that bridge. i want to br
. >>> and an outbreak in a house fire in saratoga. what neighbors are telling us right now. "mornings on 2" starts right now. >>> well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, july 10th. >>> breaking news in martinez, pg&e crews are working to pinch a national gas line at the scene of -- at the scene of a house fire. christien kafton has more. >> reporter: yeah, we got here about a half-hour ago. if you look to the left, there's still active flames here coming from a natural gas line being fed by gas right now. if you look to the left, you can see the crew. we're hearing they are gonna be getting ready to try to dig through the driveway. we do have some video of that fire here that we shot a little bit earlier. the fire, we're learning, started about 4:00 this morning. martinez firefighters had it under control by 4:40 but those flames persisted because of the gas line. firefighters say there's very little danger here. the gas line is broken somewhere under ground. pg&e needs to pinch off the line. they say this is similar to ha
a light show for us, is mainly on the light side. not much left. 50s on the temperatures. 58, 59. they are stuck. mountain view, hayward, 58, 59. everybody is stuck. everybody will carve itself out on the west coast and be here for five, seven days. the cooling continues. fog along the coast. temperatures will be in the 60s 70s, 80s. did i hold onto a couple of 90s. antioch, 88. walnut creek, 79. 70 san leandro. 82 santa clara. still a puff of a southeast wind but it's rare when san jose is warmer than yesterday. 60s, 70s on the temperatures. it looks like low clouds and fog win out. we keep it right there. slight warmup but not really much. >>> 7:0. two more survivors of the colorado movie theater -- 7:08. two more survivors of the colorado movie thiefer are back home. james holmes made his first court appearance. we're going to go live to aurora, colorado. alisia? >> reporter: good morning. this was an advisement hearing where the judge read him his rights. holmes sat through the whole hearing that lased about ten minutes and he sat away from -- that lasted about ten minutes an
are now examining a gas can that they believe was used to start the fire at bayshore boulevard and augusta street. tara moriarty was one of the people to arrive and talk to neighbors about what they saw after the fire started. >> reporter: if you take a look behind, you can see where the fire started. police believe the person who was last holding that can may have started the fire that -- may have saturdayed the fire that gutted one house. here's what the flames looked like around highway 101 around 3:00 this morning. you can see an orange glow and smoke bill rowing -- billowing. crew also had to contained with live fires for 45 minutes. so that was a challenge. >> it was a lot of flames. i watched the whole thing -- the house had already been on fire before. but it finished burning down. >> reporter: neighbors say the fire broke out in a building where squatters have been living on and off for the last three years. i'm devastated -- i'm -- i'm devastated. shocked. i don't know how to kneel. >> reporter: neighbors say they've reported squatters to the police and the housing authorities se
joins us live with what is happening now and how you can get around that race. >> reporter: 24,000 people have signed up for this case. you've got to keep in mind most don't come here alone. thousands of their friends and supporters have come to san francisco to watch the start of the san francisco marathon. that is the starting line behind us. there are several different groups running in waves. so right now we are between groups we are waiting for another group to start here. we got here at 5:30 this morning to watch the elite runners start the race. >> three, two, one, you're off. >> reporter: the 26-mile course takes marathoners from the embarcadero all the way across the golden gate bridge and back again through golden gate back. now before they got started we talked some of the elite runners the people at the front line of the race about why the san francisco marathon is considered one of the most challenging in the nation. >> there will be a few hills. it will probably be pretty hard. >> it looks hilly compared to a lot of them. >> reporter: now we will show you a live p
is a quiet community. mostly residential bedroom community. this is something we are not used to experiencing here. it doesn't happen here but maybe every so many years. >> reporter: police say during that search another suspect matching folster's description carjacked a separate vehicle inside that apartment complex. he tried to drive out but police arrested him. as for that original suspect police say if you see him keep your distance and call police. lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. >>> oakland police are investigating two separate shootings that injured two men. first happened around 12:30 this morning near foothill avenue and havens court boulevard. the victim was also involved in a car crash before or after that shooting. and about one hour later police were called to 'douse and 98th avenue. one man was transported to the hospital in serious condition. >>> in union city a police canine chased down a man wanted in questioning in a murder. union city police pulled over a vehicle that was registered to a person wanted for questioning in a san francisco homicide. officers say the man go
the commission. allie rasmus tell us why she was all smiles before she entered the room. >> reporter: good morning. she was smiling. that may have been thible -- that may have been why she had been in the same room for months as her husband. she came to city hall to help him try keep his job. she's greeted by supporters. she pulled you m a limousine around 5:00. when she entered the hearing room, she made eye contact with the suspend -- with the suspended sheriff and smiled. in in video, she's shing a video and is crying. on the stand, she said that she and mirkarimi got into an argument about take her young in -- her young son to venezuela. >> when i rub my arm, i said stop. when we camive side the home, i said stop, right now. >> reporter: lemes appeared to -- lopez appeared to downrate -- to downplay the seriousness of this incident. >> i don't think he was yelling. i think he was -- weigh not happy -- he was into the happy about -- he was if not happy about this. >> reporter: live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> here is a lime tine now of the merck emergency ca
notice. alex savidge tells us the ride was shut down after riders got stuck at the top of the roller coaster for more than 90 minutes. >> reporter: and it must have been a very scary moment. a parks person told me they ruled out a mechanical issue. a short time from now, we'll be getting into a bucket that will be attached to this crane and hoisted up to the top of the superman ride to take a look at the -- closer look at the ride to figure out what caused this ride to stall out 150 feet up in the air. yesterday, firefighters were called mere 0 -- were called here about 3:00 in the afternoon. a dozen people were stuck right side up on the new ride. >> after another nan an hour and a half, mechanics -- after an -- after more than an hour and a half, people were taken down. >> it's better that they weren't upside down. ed broad to be rushing through their head. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the park says they could get free passes to the park. we're told that the rides are inspected every day before the park opens. that includes this ride. but for now, this ride will remain closed.
us live. another child there is being treated for critical injuries. good morning. >> reporter: yes, the search for those missing children, the four missing children was launched after police got reports or a three-year-old boy was brought here to children's hospital and one of the siblings of those missing children. here with life-threatening injuries and police suspect child abuse. his babysitter claimed he was unresponsive in a bathtub in a home on 6 third street in oakland. but according to report he was dry when the paramedics got there, the boy's babysitter and mother and father was arrested on suspicion of child abuse. the chronicle said they were brianna jackson and isaiah williams. police can't find the other children. they believe relatives are hiding the kids. we want to show you the missing children, 4-year-old paradice ma han size. hanson johnson and i sea and elija johnson. the children are african- american. based on the condition of the 3- year-old boy at the children's hospital with critical injuries thought to be child abuse. police are concerned about the four sib
for to us get hose line s to the fire. >> the first thing was get my kid out of there. >> the cause is under investigation. the red cross is helping displaced victims. >> only on 2 an oakland police officer in miss patrol car ended up inside an office building. lorraine blanco has more now on the collision that sent that officer to the hospital. lorraine? >> reporter: dave, witnesses woke up to a wild scene in the middle of the night out here. the officer is going to be okay. you can see there are still pieces of his squad car on the ground. just before 1:00 a.m., oakland police were looking for two robbery suspects. on the way to the scene, an officer collided with a prius heading north on park boulevard. the impact ended with the oakland police car crashing into an h & r block. police are not sure who was at halt but witnesses confirm the lights and sirens were blaring before the crash. >> i was at my home next door and i heard sirens and then about five, seconds later, i heard a boom. >> reporter: the officer was -- the officer was transported to highland hospital, just at a -- just as a
to the big headlights right in our faces and my little brother actually had to break down our door to let us out because it was jammed because all we smelled was gas so we just needed to get out of there quick before anything else happened. >> well, the mother tells us that the four people, there were four people inside that black cadillac and they just ran away even though they could hear her and her children screaming and at this point police are out here investigating. they do not know where those people fled to. that car ended up being towed away but so much clean up to be done out here. you can see this gaping hole, the mother who was sleeping inside here was telling me that the was net that her baby was -- but a city net was pushed up against her and she is hoping that the people in the car are apprehended. reporting live. >> san jose is investigating the third homicide this week, around 8:30 last night, they received a report of a car hitting a pedestrian, in downtown san jose, when they arrived they found a man face down on the ground, he had been stabbed. he died about a half hour l
accidentally shot himself. >> the cops came running up and -- and, you know, some of us started to see what was going on. that's when any were shoving us to the side. telling us to stay back. >> at some point during -- during that incident, the probation officer shot himself. but he was not seriously hurt. the man they arrested was a dangerous felon wanted on weapons and burglarpry charges -- burglary charges. >>> el so retoe, a gas leak is being fixed. you can see for yourself what's mapping right now. they are working and have been out there -- have been out there for quite some time. what looks like smoke there is dried dirt. now, because of the possible danger, four houses were evacuated. those residents have been allowed to go back home. >>> well, a warn something going out this morning for one of the most popular food events in the bay area. janine da la vega is live where someone rotten is going on. >> reporter: setup has already begun. authorities are worried that people are going to get duped into buying these stolen tickets. 500 adult general tickets and 500 senior tickets were st
. alex joins us with new information. >> we just smoke with one of the investigating officers of this case, saying this is the place police have known for some time where prostitution tends to happen. officers arrived here early this morning and they found the body of that young woman up inside a second floor room here. this is a 19-year-old who had been shot once in the head. homicide detectives came here and tried to figure out who killed this woman obviously. this is the starlight hotel, 10000 mcarthur boulevard. the 911 calls came in 3:00 this morning. paramedics showed up here and they found the woman unresponsive and eventually she was declared dead here at the scene. the motive for the killing was still unclear but a short time ago an officer on the case gave us background on this motel. >> we've had issues here in the past. when i used to work the streets out here. but as far as problems, it is known for prostitution in the hotel rooms but that's about it. >> investigators also tell us there was a friend of this woman who was here at the motel this morning, administere
used to be, that is where -- that hole shows where it was until a drunk driver came along. >>> now at least 50,000 gallons of water gushed 50 feet into the air for three hours this morning. that is because witnesses say a drunk driver smashed into the fire hydrant and crewed had a hard time turning off the valve. eventually they parked their truck over it and able to get their wrenches in there and shut it off. it happened around 2:00 and they took the driver into custody. there was no water off but there was low pressure. the person will end up footing the bill for a new one and a hefty water bill to pay as well. eventually this hydrant will be replaced. >> an arrest has been made in a 5 hour stand off comes to an end. last night a swat team surrounded a house there. the gunman was holding hostages. during the stand off several people walked out of the house. then just after 11:00 p.m. deputies stormed that house and they arrested the suspect. >>> san francisco firefighters were called to the presidio during the night someone living nearby reported searing fire on a hillside. when
's fuse box. some crews working on the home this morning sold us there are a lot of additions to this house and they noticed code violations. no word upon what that might play into the investigation. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:03. well, oakland's embattled police department is moving closer to a possible federal takeover. alex savidge tells us this is after new criticism and a disturbing discovery. alex? >> reporter: well, offensive photos have come to light. according to reports, they were posted on a bulletin board. they reportedly show jean quan and the federal judge, henderson, the man who will be deciding whether to place the oakland police department under federal law. according to one individual, they were shown to be in a racist way. the monitor, the individual, also cited occupy protests and shootings as well. the department, as you will remember, was ordered to make all of these changes in response to accusations of police misconduct back in 200. by the way, the in -- 2000. by the way, the internal affairs department investigated those photos posted he
shootings in u.s. history. >> the thing that affects me most is just seeing that young girl just laying there just shot. she's just a little kid still. you know, like how -- like it's just not right. >> and coming up in 30 minutes, we will go live to aurora, colorado, for more on what investigators are doing this morning. >>> aurora's police chief became emotional when describing what yesterday was like for his own officers. >> our cops went through a lot. they rushed people out of that -- that theater, into police cars. -- >> chief dan oates says the officers arrived within 60 to 90 seconds of the first 911 calls and helped the dozens of victims with gun shout wounds. in all 200 officers and deputies responded from two different counties. the chief said psychologists from his department will be available to help officers cope with what they witnessed. >>> more information is coming out about the suspect. james eagan holmes is described as quiet and intelligent, but also a loner. neighbors say he wouldn't even acknowledge them in a hallway. he grew up in salinas but his family moved to
joins us live to explain the creative way protesters are protesting higher costs. le. >> reporter: yeah, students here are planning to protest the possibility of a fee increase for graduate students. uc regents are set too meet this morning. students say they will be at today's meeting and will be holding what they call a zombie takeover. they are encouraging people to come dressed as zombies. now, while the regents are expected to free tuition for undergrads, they may vote to increase fees foreother schools, like the nursing programs and -- for other schools, like the nursing programs and that could make these so many of the most expensive programs in the country. some students say the idea of an increase has them worrying. >> i'm considering an mba. that's not something i'm looking forward to, the higher fees. something to keep in mind. >> reporter: you can see some of those protesters starting to gather here. we're planning on talking with them before they head to the regents meeting in san francisco and then we'll be heading over toot meeting. we'll -- to the meeting. for now we're
they planted last spring. the protesters warrant the land to be used as an urban farm. uc berkeley, however, plans to build a whole foods shop there. this is new video. as can you see, all's quiet. no one is around. because of the increased interest in the albany city council meeting tonight, city leaders moved their regular council meeting location from albany city hall to the community center on beren avenue. the meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. >>> 7:0. more than 60,000 americans could wake up -- 7:03. more than 60,000 americans to find out this morning that they have no internet service. alex sav idge idge has more. alex savidge has more. >> reporter: good morning. some cannot log onto their computers. the fbi had been urging people to go to to check their systems for the malware and find out how to get their systems going. a server was shut down and by this morning, about 60,000 computers in the u.s. won't be able to access the internet but that's all i -- actually a small number compared with those originally infected. those people's web browsers, all of it an attempt to steal mon
hot will we get? rosemary joining us now with an answer on that one. good morning. >> good morning to you. we actually are going to take a slight dip in many areas for today. we've got clouds out there, drizzle along the coastline, winds picking up into the afternoon and our highs again a tad cooler than what we felt yesterday. i'll break it down for you, show you those numbers coming up >>> an investigation is underway into a deadly five vehicle chain reaction crash in san mateo. it shut down a section of highway 101 for hours. ktvu's lorraine blanco is there now. >> reporter: i got off the phone with the public information officer from the california highway patrol and he told me a male driver in his late 20s was transported with serious head injuries. he is suffering life- threatening injuries this morning. he says a back seat passenger, a 29-year-old male, died on scene here. now, the deadly crash happened just before 1:00 a.m. on highway 101 southbound near east poplar avenue in san mateo. it triggered a 2.5 hour sigalert, four lanes blocked as the chp investigated this mornin
want to think about using b.a.r.t. or the f line from the castro downtown. we'll let you know -- we just got a tweet that said muni will be sending shuttle buses to this area to get people downtown. we'll have another traffic update coming up in a few. let's go back to the desk. back to you. >> thank you. >>> sunnyvale, breaking news. police have just taken a home- invasion suspect into custody. this is happen on waverly avenue. this took place at a neighborhood near washington park. there is a heavy police presence there. we have a reporter on the scene. we'll beverage you more as we get -- we'll brink you more on -- we'll bring you more on this breaking news as we get it. firefighters are still trying to get figure out if anyone was inside. we're told winds fueled the fire and the home is a total loss. the flames threatened nearby homes and some neighbors were evacuated f ktvu's p jana katsuyama -- evacuated. ktvu ajana katsuyama will have an update on -- ktvu's jana katsuyama will have an update on this. >>> two african-american women robbed two females last night in walnut creek
, and a fire hydrant. ktvu reporterli joins us with the damage left behind. >> reporter: police just gave us an update on how they think the collision happened. the officer was driving down mckennan. that patrol car struck a taxicab at some point in the middle of this intersection, and both vehicles ended up sliding towards this fire hydrant you see. they struck the fire hydrant. you can see it's busted open. off to the left is one of the rear-view mirrors from the police patrol car still on the ground. this is what happened from the crash scene around 2:00 this morning. this is what the scene looked like at about 2:00 in the morning. water rushed out of the hydrant onto the street. both the police officer and the taxicab driver both suffered non-life threatening injuries. a security guard working nearby heard the collision. >> it sounded like they were going about 100 miles per hour, and all of a sudden i heard the crash, and i ran out here over there, and the guy sitting down in the car like this, down in the car. >> reporter: the officer? >> the officer. >> reporter: now, again, the offic
going from that altercation to use a 4000 pound vehicle, and basically trying to murder someone. >> prosecutors say they have video showing the actual hit and run crash at a gas station. chaparro faces charges of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and torture. >>> another search is scheduled today for missing 15-year-old sierra lamar. volunteers have been meeting at burnett elementary school in morgan hill every wednesday and saturday morning, looking for lamar. she disappeared almost four months ago to the day. trying to prevent more disappearances, the poly class kids foundation will hold a free child safety event at burnett elementary at 10:00 this morning in conjunction with the search for sierra. today each child will receive digitized fingerprints up and dated photograph and a d.n.a. collection kit. children will be fingerprinted and photographed. >>> this morning a san francisco man is in jail accused of leading an identity theft scam for 30 years. 58-year-old gregory harvo was arrested on thursday. police were contacted by a michigan man on june 13th who said
to tell us how this will help families in need. >> there are families in the south bay struggling with the economy the way it is and many of those needy families are lined up outside of sacred heart community service to get their hands on a backpack full of school supplies for their students so they can go back to school and have all the supplies they will need to achieve what they need to achieve academically speaking. this is an incredible lineup here, a huge crowd and several hundred people waiting out here. many of these folks have been kept out since timeclock last night. this is sacred heart community service doing their school supply giveaway and we talked with one young woman who is out here. >> i came here to get a backpack with supplies because my mom doesn't have enough money to buy my supplies. >> and sacred heart community service was telling me that they have really seen a need for this. the first year they did it they only gave away about 100 backpacks and this year they are expecting to give away about 12400. the actual backpacks themselves will be given to the stu
:00 this morning. again it's one of three fire stations that will be closed down. now here to talk to us a little bit more about it is captain craig with the east contra costa county fire district. fire station 54. this is a sad day for you guys. >> this is a very sad day for us. i'm shutting down a station i spend a lot of time in. i'm losing fellow firefighters that i have lived with for years. ran incidents with. calls with. and today they are no longer in play here. >> reporter: there were three firefighters that already based here that lost their jobs. >> yes. >> reporter: how will this effect the service you provide? >> still yet to be seen. it will be difficult for us that are still working here to do what we want to do and assist with the resources that we have left behind. >> and this is partly because of the parcel tax that voters failed to pass last month that would have increased some of the funding? >> correct. . it goes back a little farther. home values dropping, revenue not coming in because our is budget is based off property tax. ? because of the failure of measure s revenue is
on their mind. >> lorraine blanco is live with us. we have that story. >> lorraine? >> here in walnut creek, the priest will be offering special prayers on all the masses here today. >> they say this is the best way people can cope. and he has encouraged people to fray for the victims and the families but also the alleged shooter. he has been watching, and he understand how difficult it is to make sense of the violence. >>> i take one of the beautiful or strong tool that someone can use is prayer and pray to god. not only for himself or herself but for everyone. >> we also spoke with several parishioners here who say they spent a lot of time asking for peace for the families. >> st. mary's is offering prayers for the people throughout the week. >> lorraine blanco, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> someone shot at a chhad p officer as he tried to stop a van overnight. it started at 54th avenue around 10:00 p.m. the officer tried to pull over a van for his seat belt violation. as the officer was chasing the van. a black acura pulled up behind him and rear ended him and shot out the back window. >> go
and say the materials are privileged and cannot be used in court. there is reportedly a notebook mapping out plans for a massacre. the defense is accused of leaking details about the case to the media. police fear copy cats and it almost happened in maryland. coming up, the alleged threat that got one man arrested. >>> and this morning one athlete has already tested positive for steroids. a 20-year-old albanian weight lifter failed and has been sent home. a 23-year-old woman from china won the air rifle competition. michael phelps was the last man to qualify for the individual 400-meter butterfly and he told reporters, quote, that wasn't didn't feel too good. the opening ceremony including queen elizabeth hopping on a helicopter with james bond, actor daniel craig. it then emerges at her private box. more than 130 cyclists were arrested after trying to pedal their way past the security barricade at the opening ceremonies. no serious injuries were reported. authorities say they were taking part in a monthly critical mass ride around the city of london. we have complete coverage at
the scene. allie rasmus joins with us more witness accounts. >> we have an update on one of the victims. in our last report we told but a 3-month-old baby who had been shot. well, now doctors have confirmed that the baby has been treat and released. so that's good news. the suspected gunman is james holmes of aurora, colorado. bomb squad investigators cement the morning searching thru his apartment. they broke through the window. they didn't find anything. although police say they did find some items of interest that will help them with their investigation in this. there were a lot of teens and kids in in this audience where the movie was showing. the gold medal wore gas mask and opened up gunfire on the crowd. >> we were just on the floor praying to god we don't get shot. >> cell phone video shows a chaotic scene as people poured out of the movie plex. there was a lot of confusion as to what was going on. some people thought it was fire crackers detonated outside. people outside say it apartied that he was shooting people at random. now, we continue to get more updates for you. we'll
's still unclear if anyone saw it happen but people heard it happen, and police telling us they got several 9-1-1 calls telling them about the collision. they are out here right now. they have been out here for a couple of hours. they expect to be out here for a couple more as they try to figure out what happened. obviously if speed led to this, if alcohol played a role. what we do know is police believe that dakar you're looking at belongs to the parents of one of the passengers. parents who did not know this car had been taken. at this point still a lot of questions, but the 15-year-old driver that was behind the wheel fighting for their life in the hospital. the other five passengers doing okay, but all very young. no one old enough to drive. six people, not enough seat belts to go around, still a lot of questions. they expect this area to be shut down until nine or ten this morning. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >>> thank you. 7:02 this morning the bay area's close nit horse racing community is mourning the death of a successful jockey. jorge herrara was thrown from his horse at th
it was getting a grant from fema. they were able to use the money for a fire academy. they trained and fired -- and hired three of ten firefighters and now three of them willing working at this station, number 25. they will have a ceremony this afternoon, a celebration, from 10:00 a.m. until noon and they are inviting anyone in the ceremony to join in. >>> there is a burning man attendance ceiling. this is due to last year. >>> b.a.r.t. police arrested a 17-year-old boy for punching a girl in the face. about 50 people gathered at the bayview station saturday night drawn by a facebook post that said a fight would happen there. officers say after the boy punched the girl in the face, he ran off. they later found that boy hiding in the back of the pickup truck. >>> 7:06. a possible hate crime is under investigation in sonoma county. a 49-year-old man told sheriff deputies he was attacked -- hes with attacked around 11:0 last night after leaving a gay bar on third street in guerneville. he says unknown individuals attacked them. at least one of them used threats and slurs. the man suffered threa
much the big thing that everyone got out. all of the great firefighters helped us out. >> reporter: so firefighters tell me no serious injuries to support this morning. although one person who lives here was checked out for possible smoke inhalation. again, they believe the fire started in the kitchen. they will do a further investigation. you can see the sign out front. the house is on the market. the dad being the homeowner, is out of the country right now. the boy says he's still trying to reach his father. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and firefighters were still on the scene of three suspicious fires at san jose park. they started just before 9:00 last night at kelley park. the firefighters said about a dozen acres burned. they say the fact that it started at the same spot makes it suspicious. the cause of investigation is expected to take a few days. >>> richmond police are out there searching for two men blamed for an overnight shooting on garvin street. investigators say the two men on the bikes fired about 20 shots at the man walking down the street. now, an emergency
used by sierra pacific industries and its timber partners caused a massive fire in two counties. both sides settled the lawsuit without disclosing the terms. the government was seeking $700 million. >>> a san jose church choir will be singing a capella tomorrow after burglars stole $25,000 worth of musical instruments. father john fadigo says burglars have broken into the music storage room at our lady of guadalupe church three times in the past two weeks. the church has changed the lock on the storage room but the burglars manage to get in. the father says band members are devastated and have spend countless hours holding fund- raisers to try to buy the instruments. >> this place is held together by dental floss and duct tape. we're struggling to make ends meet. there's not money available immediately to get these instruments replaced. >> the church has put out a donation box to help with replacing the instruments. >>> new this morning, at least 78 people have died after heavy rains triggered flash floods overnight in southern russia. 67 of the deaths are in the hard hit town of crin
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